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How To Change Android Phone Imei to Blackberry Imei

Firstly, we need to generate a blackberry imei to put inplace of the android imei. Download blackberry imei generator Here After downloading,extract the file and double Click on GIPv4.1 Click on generate imei. copy down imei. Now launch mobile uncle tool, open the app, and navigate to Engineer Mode  In the next …

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How To change Android Device Imei using Terminal Emulator

Firstly, you need to download terminal emulator on your android device. Download Terminal emulator from Google play store Here Requirement:  A Rooted Android Device Lets get started How to Change IMEI Number with Terminal Emulator of Android Phone-Tab For Single Sim Device Open Android Terminal Emulator Type SU then press ENTER …

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Easily Change Android IMEI Without Rooting

IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity.  Method First: Now without wasting time, follow the procedure listed below to change your Android IMEI to Blackberry IMEI. Download ‘Mobileuncle Tools‘ from Google PlayStore Install it and Run/Open it Click ‘Engineer Mode’ Click ‘Engineer Mode (MTK)’ Now scroll your screen from …

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How to Uninstall Preinstalled Android Apps

Disabling bloatware: general guidance Many apps continue to consume resources while they’re not in active use. They also take up space in the app drawer. Since Android 4.0, however, there has been the option to disable apps. Head to Settings > Apps/Applications. Here, on most phones, you will find three …

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